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Third in the series.
Keywords: movie trailers; fantasies; fantasy adventures; Daniel Radcliffe; Emma Watson; Rupert Grint
[movies]SPLENDOR IN THE GRASS trailer
Romantic drama set in the late '20s, starring Natalie Wood and Warren Beatty.
Keywords: movie trailers; dramas; romantic dramas; Natalie Wood; Warren Beatty; Pat Hingle
[movies]VAMPIRA trailer
A made for DVD documentary on the '50s late-night TV hostess, Maila Murmi, who is mostly remembered for her appearance in Ed Wood's "Plan 9 From Outer Space."
Keywords: movie trailers; documentaries; Maila Murmi (Vampira); direct to DVD
[movies]THE HARD WAY trailer
A well-regarded backstage drama starring Ida Lupino in one of her finest roles.
Keywords: movie trailers; dramas; backstage dramas; Broadway; Ida Lupino; Joan Leslie; Dennis Morgan; Jack Carson
[movies]EDGE OF DARKNESS trailer
A powerful drama of life in a Norwegian village under Nazi occupation. Outstanding cast led by Errol Flynn.
Keywords: movie trailers; war dramas; WW2; Errol Flynn; Ann Sheridan; Walter Huston; Helmut Dantine; Ruth Gordon; Judith Anderson
[movies]GENGHIS KHAN trailer
Lavish costumer with a cast of the most unlikely looking Mongols this side of Ulaanbaatar. If you thought casting John Wayne as Genghis Khan in "The Conqurer" was ridiculous, you ain't seen nothin' yet. And then there is dialog like this: "Teach her to be a woman while I'm away!"
Keywords: Movie trailers; dramas; adventures; Omar Sharif; James Mason; Telly Sevalas; Robert Morley
Downloads: 7
[movies]THE HIDDEN FORTRESS trailer
The Kurosawa classic that George Lucas redily acknowledges was the primary inspiration for "Star Wars."
Keywords: movie trailers; adventures; dramas; comedies; Toshiro Mifune; Hideo Oquri; Minoru Chiaki
Downloads: 12
[movies]LUST FOR LIFE trailer
Epic biography of Vincent Van Gogh starring Kirk Douglas.
Keywords: Movie trailers; biopics; Vincent Van Gogh; Kirk Douglas; Anthony Quinn; Pamels Brown; Niall MacGinnis
Downloads: 53
The second edition of the blockbuster fantasy series.
Keywords: movie trailers; fantasies; fantasy adventures; Daniel Radcliffe; Rupert Grint; Emma Watson
Downloads: 93
[movies]COME LIVE WITH ME trailer
An engaging romantic comedy costarring Jimmy Stewart and Hedy Lamarr.
Keywords: movie trailers; romantic comedies; James Stewart; Hedy Lamarr; Ian Hunter; Donald Meek
Downloads: 56
[movies]HIGH BARBAREE trailer
Sentimental WW2 romance told in flashbacks. Solid cast - mushy screenplay.
Keywords: movie trailers; romance; romantic dramas; WW2; Van Johnson; June Allyson; Thomas Mitchell; Marilyn Maxwell; Cameron Mitchell
Downloads: 39
[movies]MUPPETS FROM SPACE trailer
Sixth in the series of eight Muppet movies, and my personal favorite. Lots of snappy dialog makes it as much fun for adults as it is for kids.
Keywords: movie trailers; family films; comedies; Muppets; Dave Goetz (voice); Steve Whitmire (voice); Bill Barretta (voice)
Downloads: 68
[movies]BUDDY trailer
A Jim Henson family film based on the life of eccentric socialite and animal lover Gertrude Lintz.
Keywords: movie trailers; family films; gorilla; gorilla suits; Rene Russo; Robbie Coltrane; Alan Cumming
Downloads: 37
[movies]MARNIE trailer
Hitchcock psychological suspense thriller with Tippi Hendren in the title role.
Keywords: Movie trailers; suspense dramas; thrllers; Tippi Hendren; Sean Connery; Diane Baker; Hitchcock
Downloads: 56
[movies]MINDHUNTERS trailer
Hip FBI kids hunt serial killers. Too absurd for words. Where was Scooby-Doo when we needed him?
Keywords: movie trailers; thrillers; mysteries; Val Kilmer; LL Cool; Christian Slater
Downloads: 52
[movies]THE EXORCIST re-release trailers & TV spots
Extended version (re-release) trailers and TV spots. This seems to be the only version presently available on DVD.
Keywords: movie trailers; horror; demon possession; Ellen Burstyn; Max von Sydow; Linda Blair
Downloads: 122
Short pre-release trailer (a.k.a. "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone")
Keywords: movie trailers; fantasies; fantasy adventures; Daniel Radcliffe; Emma Watson; Rupert Grint
Downloads: 142
Full theatrical release trailer (a.k.a. "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone")
Keywords: movie trailers; fantasies; fantasy adventures; Daniel Radcliffe; Emma Watson; Rupert Grint
Downloads: 75
[movies]CALENDAR GIRLS trailer
An engaging British comedy that asks is it ever too late to bare all?
Keywords: movie trailers; comedies; nude calendars; Helen Mirren; Julie Walters; Penelope Wilton
Downloads: 275
[movies]HOPE SPRINGS 2003 trailer
Okay so it isn't "Ninotchka" or "Moonstruck," but it is a watchable romantic comedy. So stop your whining.
Keywords: movie trailers; romantic comedies; Colin Firth; Heather Graham; Minnie Diver
Downloads: 54
[movies]LADYHAWKE trailer
A romantic medieval fantasy adventure. CAST NOTE: The hawk's real name was Spike II. She retired from show biz in 2000, and died in 2007.
Keywords: movie trailers; adventures; fantasies; romance; Matthew Broderick; Rutger Hauer; Michelle Pfeiffer; Spike II
Downloads: 74
[movies]PEE-WEE'S BIG ADVENTURE trailer
He isn't a nerd. He isn't a geek. So what is he? He's fun.
Keywords: movie trailers; comedies; family films; Paul Rubens; Schwinn bikes
Downloads: 64
"Three beautiful witches, and one lucky Devil."
Keywords: movie trailers; erotic horror; black comedies; Jack Nicholson; Susan Saranden; Cher; Michelle Pfeiffer
Downloads: 94
[movies]MUSIC OF THE HEART trailer
An inspirational teacher goes to work in an inner-city school. ...hmmm, exactly how many times have we seen all this before? Start your count with "To Sir With Love."
Keywords: movie trailers; dramas; inner-city schools; Meryl Streep; Cloris Leachman
Downloads: 74
His life sucks. (full title: "Interview With the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles")
Keywords: movie trailers; horror; erotic horror; vampires; Brad Pitt; Tom Cruise; Antonio Banderas
Downloads: 65
[movies]THE DEVIL'S ADVOCATE trailer & tv spots
The Devil made them do it
Keywords: movie trailers; horror; suspense dramas; lawyers; the Devil; Keanu Reeves; Al Pacino; Charlize Theron
Downloads: 57
[movies]THE EXORCIST tv spot
She's a real head-turner.
Keywords: movie trailers; horror; demon possession; Ellen Burstyn; Max von Sydow; Linda Blair
Downloads: 65
[movies]VAMPIRE HUNTERS trailer
Violent Chinese martial arts horror. (a.k.a. "The Era of Vampires") Remake of "The Legend of the 7 Vampires."
Keywords: movie trailers; martial arts; horror; vampires; China
Downloads: 79
[movies]DARKNESS FALLS 2003 trailer
Supernatural chiller
Keywords: movie trailers; horror; ghosts; Chaney Kley; Emma Caulfield; Anthony Burrows
Downloads: 53
[movies]IDENTITY trailer
Reminds me of a night spent in a Motel 6.
Keywords: movie trailers; mysteries; horror; John Cusack; Ray Liotta; Amanda Peet
Downloads: 57
This mashup of new footage with footage from several public domain films was made for home video only. It was released in 2007.
Keywords: movie trailers; horror; mummies; spoofs; direct to DVD
Downloads: 110
[movies]COMMAND DECISION trailer
Intense drama about the challenges and politics in the high command of the USAAF's 8th Air Force. All-star cast. Adaptation of William Wister Haines' Broadway play.
Keywords: movie trailers; dramas; war dramas; WW2; USAAF; Clark Gable; Walter Pidgeon; Van Johnson; Brian Donlevy
Downloads: 58
[movies]THE REPTILE trailer
Hammer horror
Keywords: movie trailers; Hammer Films; horror
Downloads: 78
Gimmick double feature trailer for "Rasputin the Mad Monk" and "The Reptile."
Keywords: movie trailers; Hammer Films; horror
Downloads: 72
[movies]THAT NIGHT IN RIO trailer
South of the border musical with Carmen Miranda, Alice Faye and Don Ameche. A lot of fun when Carmen is on screen. When she isn't, not so much.
Keywords: movie trailers; musicals; Carmen Miranda; Alice Faye; Don Ameche
Downloads: 115
[movies]DIRECT TO DVD FILMS 2 trailers
Two more independently produced movies that received little or no theatrical distribution; "A Chronicle of Corpses" "Jen-Gal & Jen-Gal 2"
Keywords: movie trailers; direct to DVD; independent films
Downloads: 59
[movies]DIMPLES 1936 trailer
A musical starring Shirley Temple, with Frank "Wizard of Oz" Morgan and Stepin Fetchit.
Keywords: movie trailers; musicals; family classics; Shirley Temple; Frank Morgan; Stepin Fetchit; Helen Westley
Downloads: 104
[movies]CAESAR AND CLEOPATRA trailer
George Bernard Shaw's seriocomic panoply of politics, power and treachery in the ancient world. At the time its lavish production was the most expensive in British film history. ($6.3 million USD) The complete film is available here at IA in the Feature Film Collection.
Keywords: movie trailers; dramas; historical dramas; George Bernard Shaw; Claude Rains; Vivien Leigh; Stewart Granger; Flora Robson; Cecil Parker; Michael Rennie
Downloads: 168
[movies]HAROLD AND MAUDE trailer 1
A wonderfully offbeat black comedy with the incomparable Ruth Gordon.
Keywords: movie trailers; comedies; black comedies; Ruth Gordon; Bud Cort
Downloads: 131
[movies]HAROLD AND MAUDE trailer 2
A wonderfully offbeat black comedy with the incomparable Ruth Gordon.
Keywords: movie trailers; comedies; black comedies; Ruth Gordon; Bud Cort
Downloads: 74
[movies]BICENTENNIAL MAN trailer
A mega-flop attempt at warm and fuzzy sci fi that's not as bad as its reputation. Okay, so it does get pretty absurd at times.
Keywords: movie trailers; sci fi; robots; comedies; dramas; Robin Williams; Embeth Davidtz; Sam Neill
Downloads: 123
[movies]PAYCHECK trailer
A sci fi mystery/thriller starring Ben Affleck.
Keywords: Movie trailers; sci fi; mysteries; thrillers; Ben Affleck; Aaron Eckhart; Uma Thurman
Downloads: 73
[movies]THE STEPFORD WIVES 2004 trailer
Tongue-in-cheek remake of the 1975 original.
Keywords: movie trailers; Sci fi; comedies; thrillers; Bette Midler; Nicole Kidman; Matthew Broderick; Christopher Walken
Downloads: 96
[movies]SCHOOL OF ROCK trailer
A highly entertaining rock'n'roll comedy with Jack Black and a bunch of great kids.
Keywords: movie trailers; comedies; rock'n'roll; Jack Black; Sarah Silverman; Miranda Cosgrove; Joan Cusack
Downloads: 133
[movies]THE WORM EATERS trailer
Intentionally revolting, high protein, shock-horror comedy. Bon app├ętit!
Keywords: movie trailers; comedies; horror; shock horror; high protein diets
Downloads: 150
[movies]THE DOLL SQUAD trailer
"They work and Kill for Uncle Sam!" "Mod Squad" ripoff which should have been a career-killer for Michael Ansara, but somehow it wasn't. Well, it was the '70s, the worst decade in the history of American film.
Keywords: movie trailers; action dramas; Michael Ansara
Downloads: 189
[movies]THE CORPSE GRINDERS trailer.
"I wish I knew what was on the other side of this door." Believe me, you don't.
Keywords: movie trailers; horror; shock horror; exploitation
Downloads: 90
[movies]GIRL IN GOLD BOOTS trailer.
Exploitation. Go-go dancers. Third-rate rock'n'roll. Awful acting. You've been warned.
Keywords: movie trailers; go-go dancers; exploitation
Downloads: 237
[movies]DIRECT TO DVD FILMS trailers
Seven independently produced films that received little or no theatrical distribution: "Bohcia" "Cold Harbor" "Despiser" "Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde" "Grandparents From Outer Space" "Just Add Pepper" "Magdalen"
Keywords: movie trailers; independent films; direct to DVD
Downloads: 82
[movies]CINDERELLA MAN trailer
Dramatic biopic of '30s boxer Jim Braddock
Keywords: movie trailers; dramas; biopics; boxing; the Depression; Russell Crowe; Renee Zellweger
Downloads: 3,319
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